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Kong Fok Church accepts the following methods of offering:

  1. Cash Offerings
    -For cash offering, please use local currency.

  2. Check Offerings
    - Please make crossed check payable to "Evangelical Free Church of China - Kong Fok Church".

  3. Online offerings through FPS
    -FPS Email:
    -FPS Phone: (+852) 65572500

To obtain a receipt for your offering:

  1. Official receipt for any offering of HK$100 or more will be issued, which may be used for filling your tax returns in Hong Kong.

  2. For offerings made by cash or check, please fill in the following information* on the offering envelope: name, telephone, postal address and the amount.
    a.  The receipt will be issued in the name of the individual or organization that you have filled in on the envelope.
    b.  As the Church does not make public any information of offerings by individuals, it is not necessary to fill in "Anonymous" as the donor name.

  3. For online offerings made through the FPS system, please fill in the online registration form (click here) for a receipt.

  4. To facilitate your tax returns, the official receipt will be issued at the end of each tax year. If a receipt is required each time, please indicate “each time” and the year-end receipt will not be issued.

  5. Year-end receipt will be distributed in April or May of each year and uncollected receipts will only be kept through the end of the following fiscal year. (For example: the receipt of 2018/19 offering will be kept through March 31, 2020 only). After that, previous fiscal year's receipts will no longer be available for collection.

  6. Please contact the accounts department if you need U.S. tax receipts.

    *AII data provided by you, will only be for Church internal record, communications with you and issuing receipts to you.

捐得樂意的奉獻是上帝所喜悅的 …  For God loveth a cheerful giver…