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Privacy Policy

Evangelical Free Church of China – Kong Fok Church

Privacy Policy



Personal data provided by you to our Church is generally voluntary in nature.  The purpose of the collection of personal data should be directly related to our Church’s activity.


Usage of personal data collected by our Church should be related to the purpose of its collection.


The retention period of personal data should not be longer than that required by the purpose of its collection.


Our Church implements safeguards over personal data collected.  We endeavour to protect the confidentiality and safety of privacy and personal data in order to prevent unauthorised or accidental disclosure.


Our Church will not transfer your personal data to another person or organisation without your consent, except for any sign-up to take part in an activity jointly organised by our Church and other organisation(s).  Our Church may use your sign-up information jointly with such organisation(s).


When filling out personal data, you may indicate any wish to restrict the usage of certain specified data or communication channel.  You may also, via written means, either enquire with our Church’s chief administrator regarding your personal data held by our Church, or request our Church to rectify or delete the same, or restrict the usage of your personal data for certain specified purpose or communication channel.  However, based on your information provided and your request, our Church reserves the right as to whether to process the related application.


Our Church endeavours to observe the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486 of the Laws of Hong Kong).

Our Church may update this Privacy Policy from time to time.  The version as is uploaded on our Church’s website shall prevail.