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I Am Who You Say I Am: Ephesians

I Am Who You Say I Am: Ephesians

Service Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm
Fellowship Hall

While we've done a sermon series on Ephesians here at KFCi before (who could forget that iconic section on putting on the full armor of God in Ephesians 6?), this January to February, we'll be looking at the book of Ephesians again, but for good reason!

This time, we'll be looking at how our identities are in Christ, and what it means to be putting and finding our identities not in anything, anywhere, or anyone else. Our problem is that as Christians, we have a heart condition that leads us to forget who we are in Christ, and we fill the void that can only be filled by Him by putting our identity in almost everything else. Our fundamental problem is that we don't understand who we truly are, which is children of God made in His image, and we forget again and again that we aren't what's been done to us, but what Jesus has done for us. We aren't what we do, but what Jesus has done.
These powerful truths should determine who we are, and what we do in response to that.

Nowadays, our culture talks about identity in relation to self-image or self-esteem, and the question, "Who am I?" can determine our identity and how we see ourselves. Are you ready to seek the answer to that question? If you are, let's begin.