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Kong Fok Church Anti-Epidemic Measures (Updated 19th June, 2020)

a. When entering church;

*It is imperative that you are wearing and have properly put on a mask,

*Please use alcoholic hand sanitizer to disinfect your hands.

*You must undergo an automatic body-temperature check at our lobby. If any persons are found to have a fever, they will be kindly ask to leave church premises.

b. Worship gathering arrangements;

*Worship gatherings will proceed in a streamlined manner. Please leave 10-15 minutes before each worship gathering session for the disinfection of the venue. 

*Please make sure to follow the church's seating arrangements, to ensure that there is proper social distancing between parties.

*There is a limit to the maximum number of people that the Main Hall, Fellowship Hall, and live-broadcast rooms can hold. If the number of people present is over half of the venue's maximum capacity, the church may limit any additional persons for joining our live worship gatherings, and ask them to worship with us online instead.

c. To minimize physical contact, please be aware of the following:

*Please avoid any social bodily contact, such as giving handshakes or engaging in hugs. 

*We encourage everyone to download the digital version of our Weekly Bulletin. Physical copies of our Weekly Bulletin will be placed at designated areas. If you need to do so, please take a copy for yourself and do not recycle them.

and refrain from holding any meal gatherings within church premises (including in the pantry).

*The church will be using individual communion packets for communion.

*The church will no longer be providing Bibles, cushions, or shawls. Please make sure to bring whatever you need.

*We encourage everyone to give electronically, via the FPS system. Offerings (cheques are preferred) may be deposited into the collection boxes outside the Main Hall or next to the reception. 

d. For precautionary reasons, we would kindly ask that members of the elderly, children, or chronic illness sufferers would stay at home if possible, so as to minimise the risk of infection.

e. Any members of church staff, the congregation, or newcomers have just returned to Hong Kong from abroad within 14 days, or who are suspected to have come into contact with those confirmed or suspected to be suffering from COVID-19 will be asked to stay at home. Even if you are not displaying any symptoms, please make sure to stay at home for a 14-day self-quarantine, so as to minimise the risk of infection.

f. If any members of the congregation are unfortunate enough to have contracted COVID-19, please let your respective pastoral districts or the church office (Tel: 2521 2500) know as soon as possible, such that the church may arrange for the appropriate measures.