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Provision Through Faith

When God calls us to do certain things, to follow His calling on our lives, he doesn't equip us beforehand, place us at square 1, and say "Alright, from here on you're on your own."

The Voice in the Quiet

Tripping over dried branches and getting scratched by thorny bushes as he hurriedly journeyed through the wilderness, Elijah searched and searched for some form of refuge, a safe haven where he could hide away.

Part of the Family

Becoming a Christian doesn’t mean falling under strict sets of rules or merely trying to become a better person. It is much, much more than that.

Experiencing God's Will

From the very beginning, God had a very detailed and specific role for us as humans, He created you and me for a very clear purpose.

Accepting Worth

In our society, we’re always having to work for what we want. Most things aren’t for free, they require work and effort to acquire. It’s safe to say, a lot of us have fallen into the mindset of always needing to do something in order to receive something.

Hope in the Waiting

Silence. No words. No promptings. No sudden revelations. Silence.
The hardest moments of life. Not knowing what to do next. Trying to figure out the path we are to take.

Peace in the Storm

Why does suffering exist? Why does everyone go through it in life? Doesn’t God care? Doesn’t He love us?

Constant in the Change

Our feelings are so fickle. Always changing, always shifting. One moment we’re at the top of the world, the next we feel there is no way out of our troubles. Our feelings are ever so changing, they can go from one extreme to another within seconds.

Fulfilment in Grace

Christians believe that true fulfilment comes from letting Christ be the driving force, letting Him guide our steps, gaining purpose in life. Thus it’s God who is the source of fulfilment, which makes sense, since He is also the source of life.

Living Out Salvation

Humanity’s need of salvation was met by Jesus when He gave Himself for us, and what follows after salvation is then living that good news.