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Community: A Lifestyle

Have you ever asked yourself, Why is it so important to go to church? Why should I attend regularly? The truth of it all is: church should be a home you belong to, not merely a place you go to. There is so much more to church-going than just sitting through a worship service each week. There is so much more to the Christian life than simply maintaining good attendance of sermons and Bible studies. We’re meant to delve deeper, reap more.

At KFCi we’re about creating strong community amongst ourselves because we are each part of the body of Christ and are called to encourage, build up, and exhort one another. God created us to be in relationship with others, not to be alone, and many times you’ll find God shows you much of Himself and His love through the people He places in your life at church.

ince it’s initial days, KFCi has fostered a true spirit of community that continues on today and that we hope to carry into the future.

As we get together for Saturday service, CLAN meetings, and times of fellowship throughout each week we are learning to see Jesus and serve him. Through gathering to honor the name of the Lord, together we experience relationship, jointly pursue repentance, and receive advice and mentoring. These are channels God uses to shower us abundantly with His grace so that we can be representatives of Jesus.

Learning from one another and sharing our lives together is an essential aspect of the Christian life as God fills us with His Spirit for the purpose of drawing us closer to Himself and making us a blessing to others.