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Hope in the Waiting

Silence. No words. No promptings. No sudden revelations. Silence.

The hardest moments of life. Not knowing what to do next. Trying to figure out the path we are to take.

Reaching a point where we have no idea which way to go in life. We might not have ever really known what to do, where to go, how to live.

Or perhaps…

The circumstances and situations we had built our future around suddenly fall apart and we’re left with broken dreams and dashed hopes.

A standstill. A tormented mind. A vulnerable heart. 

Two possible outcomes:

Bitter response? Negative outlook?


Filled with hope? Open hands ready to receive something new?

A wise person once said, “adversity is a disguise for opportunity.” It’s an opportunity God gives us to meet Him in our troubles and know His heart for us more intimately. 

An opportunity to give everything up to God. An opportunity to hold nothing back, and completely let go. 

In letting God take control of our thoughts, dreams, plans, and hearts, we let Him make them all more according to His plan for us. And we are assured that that plan is perfect.

God will teach us to listen. Teach us to depend more on Him. Teach us to trust more in Him. Teach us to look to Him for the answers. Teach us wisdom. Teach us perseverance.

Because perseverance produces character, character produces hope, and that hope is one we have in Christ. 

While gaining maturity through the waiting, we can turn to the hope set before us, which is that God is working out His purposes in us. This is a hope we have in Christ because through him, we are able to be called children of God; and as a Father, He cares deeply for us, His children. 

He knows our gifts. He knows our abilities. He knows our struggles. He knows our strengths. He knows our past, our present, and our future. So He most certainly knows what preparations we need to undergo, the lessons we need to learn, the time we need to get ready for the seasons He takes us through life. 

He knows how we can best be used to impact our families, our cultures, our societies, our nations. He knows how we can be used to bless other people. He knows how to best prepare us for this mission of reaching out to people, of going beyond ourselves with our futures.

These waiting times, these standstills, are not detrimental at all, they are what God is using to pull us closer to Himself and to the plans He has for our lives. During these times we become equipped and filled with His empowerment. The intimacy He wants with us is vital to our ability to take on the future. Without knowing Him and understanding more of His ways, we can eventually fall into disaster. 

In the waiting there are opportunities to learn, to grow, to flourish. In the waiting we are promised peace. In the waiting we can look up to God and rest in knowing He will cause light to shine on our horizon in His own timing and in His own way, because He controls even the rising and setting of the sun.